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Mar 12

Bret Victor – Inventing on Principle

I found this video via Slashdot and after watching it, read some of the comments… which hilariously missed the scope of the presentation. I post it here because it reminds me… that if you abolish boxes, there’s no need to think outside of them.

Jan 12

Screencasting With Jing

The folks at TechSmith make a nice screencasting tool called Jing that I’ve been using for quick tutorials and various documentation. It comes in two flavors, free and pro, but interestingly, I’ve found the free versions limitations to almost be features.

For example, it only records 5 minutes of video. Personally I find that tutorials longer than 5 minutes to be too long anyway. If you’re rambling on for longer than 5 minutes, your listeners are gonna move on.

Which brings me to another limit/feature… you can’t edit the video. I also like this because I want to make quick tutorials… not monkey around with video editing. This forces the issue.

The free version only records video to swf (pro version does mp4) which again, is kinda nice. You can drop the resulting swf onto any modern browser (with flash installed) and the video will play. No additional apps required. It’s also a *snap to embed in a web page (see below). Additionally, it runs on Mac & Windows, has nice stingers and can also do screengrabs with markup.

Now, that said, if you’re looking to build a slick, more professional screencast, Jing will fall short. It’s strengths are agility and functionality… pretty is another apps job.

*Update… okay, so there are some issues playing back swf files on windows :) Here’s a link to the video.

Dec 11

Testing In The Cloud

I’ve been watching some of the presentation videos from the 2011 Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC) and found this one to be particularly interesting. Entitled “Building a Test Grid for the Cloud”, Simon Stewart talks about writing tests, ensuring test isolation and testing in the cloud (including Amazon’s EC2).