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Feb 15

Can You Give Me A Login?

P1000811-1QA folk are protective of their logins, and rightly so. We create users to test with, and expect their accounts to be in the state we left them in. It’s not convenience… it’s essential.

But Devs will ask you for a login to this server, or that server. So send them the link to the wiki page that describes how they can create their own logins, and even walk them through it if need be.

But if they still come asking for a login, try creating, and sending them a login with the username “lazydevs”. Problem solved :)

Sometimes the passive-aggressive solution is the right solution.

Nov 12

Gojko Adzic “Reinventing software quality”

Here’s a very interesting presentation from Gojko Adzic. Entitled “Reinventing software quality”, Gojko builds a parallel between Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and software quality.

Fellow tester/blogger Augusto has a nice first-hand recap of this presentation as well…

Mar 12

It Takes a Troop of Monkeys…

I doubt they think it takes a whole troop!In the recent uTest blog post, Gerald Weinberg hit an old nerve of mine…

“To me, the biggest weakness [in the way companies test software] is not considering software testing anything but a (barely) necessary evil. Testing is seen as something that could be done by a troop of monkeys, so serious testers are treated like third-class individuals. The lack of means of acquiring testing skills arises from this attitude, as do most of the other poor practices in the testing business. You treat people as if they are stupid, then they will wind up acting stupid.”

This truth is something that I’ve dealt with my entire career… and has been on my mind lately.

Feb 12

Testing James Bach

I’m watching a talk by James Bach (who can impressively talk over heavy nose-breathers) in which he claims he has a google alert for blogs with the terms exploratory testing. I am now testing this claim.