Shmappy Moo Fare!

Jan 2, 2014

101_2066[1]I only have a few traditions with the new year. One is saying "Shmappy Moo Fare", which is how one says "Happy New Year" in drunk. The other I picked up (among other things) when I lived in Nashville. In the south, it's considered good luck to eat black eyed peas on New Years Day.

I recall NOT eating black eyed peas in 2013... rather, I made a split pea soup and hoped that'd cover me. Split peas, black eyed peas... what's the difference. The soup came out okay and that's exactly how I'd categorize 2013: "meh".

This year, I resolved to make a soup with dried/soaked black eyed peas and the whole shebang. The hope being, that it would turn out great, and in turn, prophesise a great 2014.

Long story only slightly longer... the soup was fabulous.

Shmappy Moo Fare to all!