Google Calendar Event List Javascript Script

May 26, 2015

13A reasonable amount of moons ago, Google shut down support for their Google Calendar API V2. Understandable, except I was using a script on a few sites to pull down calendar events! Fine... so I suffered like the rest of the huddled masses, and was forced to embed the fuggly Google Calendar on my sites, while waiting for someone to spend the time to update the script to use the new version of the API.

It didn't happen.

Months went by... and no updated script. I finally got tired of looking at it, so today I spent a couple hours learning how the API worked, and cobbled together a little javascript script that pulls down my duet's gcal events, and displays them on our website.

I've shared the code up on GitHub. It simply grabs future events (via an async call), from a public Google Calendar, and inserts them into a div on a webpage. No authentication needed, and it should be easy to refactor to include any data you want.

Hope it helps someone...