Chromebook Advanced Shell Commands

Feb 12, 2013

chromebookAs I mentioned in my Chromebook review, the Chromebook has a limited built-in shell that you can access via keys: ctrl-alt-t. You can then enter help to see the available commands... the best of which is the ability to ssh into a unix machine and get your mitts on a full shell! But after fooling around in it a bit, I found there are even more commands available when entering the command help_advanced. The available advanced commands are:

connectivity Shows connectivity status. connectivity help for more details

experimental_storage < status | enable | disable > Enable or disable experimental storage features.

ff_debug [] [--help] [--list_valid_tags] [--reset] Add and remove flimflam debugging tags.

modem [args...] Interact with the 3G modem. Run "modem help" for detailed help.

modem_set_carrier carrier-name Configures the modem for the specified carrier.

network_logging A function that enables a predefined set of tags useful for debugging the specified device.

network_diag A function that performs a suite of network diagnostics. Saves a copy of the output to your download directory.

route [-n] [-6] Display the routing tables.

set_apn [-n ] [-u ] [-p ] Set the APN to use when connecting to the network specified by . If is not specified, use the network-id of the currently registered network.

set_apn -c Clear the APN to be used, so that the default APN will be used instead.

set_arpgw Turn on extra network state checking to make sure the default gateway is reachable.

tpcontrol {status|taptoclick [on|off]|sensitivity [1-5]|set } tpcontrol {syntp [on|off]} Manually adjust advanced touchpad settings.

tracepath [-n] [/port] Trace the path/route to a network host.

wpa_debug [] [--help] [--list_valid_level] [--reset] Set wpa_supplicant debugging level.

syslog Logs a message to syslog.

chaps_debug [start|stop|] Sets the chapsd logging level. No arguments will start verbose logging.]`

Still not what I want but a step forward...