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Screencast: Geb Automation Quick Start

I created a screencast that demonstrates how to quickly get up and running with Geb. This demo assumes you have installed a Java JDK, IntelliJ CE and Safari, and we’ll make use of my geb-example project, available on GitHub.

And once you’re up and running, have a look at my Project Overview screencast…


  1. Cheers for this, I found it a big help in getting me into the world Geb. However the tests failed using java 1.8. It doesn’t like the CheckboxModule for some reason. Had to roll with 1.7 instead which fixed the issue

    • Glad you found it helpful, John, and thanks for the info on 1.8; I’ll have to give it a go. At some point, this checkbox functionality will be added to Geb… but I’m not sure when.

  2. Can you give a similar example using gradle for dependency management. It would be a lot help.

  3. When I executing the code in intellij for Geb automation, I am getting red mark letters in the place of import geb.* aand page

    For Geb in intellij, which jar files i should import in Intellij

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